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Irrigation Services

Irrigation Nashville TNAt L.N. Scheer & Sons, one of our passions and specialties is designing and managing irrigation systems, also called sprinkler systems.  If your water bill seems too high, or your landscape is suffering; click here to request a free estimate from L.N. Scheer & Sons for your irrigation system.

How We Design & Manage Irrigation Systems

As certified professionals, we strive to apply the proper amount of water to the landscape while saving our customers money on their water bills.  We look at each irrigation zone and determine the runtime based on plant material type, microclimate, slope, and density.  We recommend low precipitation nozzles, weather based control systems, and regular irrigation tune ups.

We have designed and managed hundreds of commercial and residential irrigation systems.  From systems as small as a single controller for a single home, to dozens of controllers for massive commercial properties like college campuses, we've designed irrigation systems of nearly every size.

Why Choose LN Scheer & Sons Irrigation Services

We go to great lengths to deliver the most up-to-date, efficient, and cost effective irrigation services available.  Our irrigation services are certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Irrigation Association.  These certifications are only awarded to irrigation professionals with ample experience and knowledge in irrigation systems, and who offer their services according to a strict code of ethics.

Our guiding philosophy in designing and managing irrigation systems is to minimize your cost by conserving water with optimal irrigation system designs and watering schedules.  Not only is this important to reduce our customer's costs, but we believe that water conservation is our environmental responsibility.

One of the most common challenges that we are asked to address is the high cost of our customer's water bills.  This is one of our favorite projects because we can often deliver better results using LESS water by carefully calibrating your irrigation system and monitoring your irrigation schedule seasonally.

Here's A Brief List Of Our Irrigation Services

  • Spring Start Up Service
  • Audit and Seasonal Scheduling Services
  • Enhancement Inspections
  • Service Calls and Repairs
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Seasonal Winterization

If you would like to see how L.N. Scheer & Sons can optimize your irrigation system, click here to request a free estimate.

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"Lee Comes With Loads Of Experience, Knowledge, and Education"
Eric Colton

"The Amount Of Water I Save ... Far Outweighed The Cost"
Larry Brinton, Jr.

"Lee Provides Consistently Outstanding Customer Service"
Rebecca Smith

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