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Landscaping - Irrigation - Maintenance

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At LN Scheer & Sons, your landscape is our canvas.  We provide creative landscape designs, water conserving irrigation systems, and stunning outdoor lighting.  But we don't just design and install ... our landscape maintenance division provides lawn mowing, tree trimming, landscape cleanup, mulching, and more.  Our mission is to provide the most professional and reliable landscape design and maintenance services in the greater Nashville area.   Feel free to browse this website to learn more about our services, or click here to request a FREE consultation and estimate for your landscaping needs.

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Schedule Your Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Now is the time to schedule a spring cleanup of your landscape.  Now is the best time to remove all the leaves, weeds, and dead plants in your landscape, as well as picking up all of the sticks and debris in your yard, trimming trees and shrubs, and laying new mulch.  You can learn more about any of these services by using the links at the top under "services." Getting your landscape cleaned right now will prepare the way for the beautiful color and growth that is starting to happen.


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Water Conservation Is Our Specialty

Home Irrigation

Water conservation is one of our highest priorities at LN Scheer & Sons.  If you're new to our company, or looking for someone to take care of your home or business irrigation needs, then you'll quickly discover that we go to great lengths to ensure that your irrigation system gets the best possible results using the least amount of water.  Contact us today for a FREE evaluation of your irrigation system.



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Check Out Our Portfolio


Every time we get asked to do an "extreme makeover" of a home's existing landscaping, we try to capture it in photos.  Obviously, we're not professional photographers, but if you're thinking of hiring us to overhaul your current landscape, or if you'd like to get a few ideas for your home or business, this is great place to start.



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  • Landscaping - Irrigation - Maintenance

    Landscaping - Irrigation - Maintenanc

  • Schedule Your Spring Cleaning

    Schedule Your Spring Cleaning

  • Water Conservation Is Our Specialty

    Water Conservation Is Our Specialty

  • Check Out Our Portfolio

    Check Out Our Portfolio


Adding Color to Your Landscape

You may have a budding landscaper Nashville right in your own family, but whether you just like to enjoy beautiful flowers or plant them, it’s not that hard to improve your home’s curb appeal. It’s actually fun to browse through the local nursery and enjoy the many beautiful plant selections. Many nurseries have workers who can even help you choose plants that are right for your soil, weather, and location.

This is the best way to ensure results. Get the right plant for the area. Don’t put something that needs lots of sunlight in a shady spot and vice versa. Keep in mind watering needs too. When you get all these little things just right, your plants will grow lush and green every time.

Quality Landscaper Nashville

Choosing plant colors can often be the most difficult thing. Many homeowners want to create a symmetrical design with their plantings and you see this in public areas. They might plant an entire bed of red and white pansies, alternating rows of color. This makes a dramatic statement and really draws the eye, but you can do the same thing at home.

Start with a Plan

Unless you’re a seasoned horticulturist, it’s best to start with a simple drawing of the area where you would like to add some color. Draw it out on paper to scale and then decide what design you’d like to create. You can stagger three different plant colors throughout or alternate rows of color. Sometimes people place their tall plants at the back near the house and then gradually use shorter plants all the way to the edge.

Foxgloves and Delphinium both grow tall and are hardy plants for the Nashville area. The Common Monkshood produces deep violet flowers from mid to late summer. The Japanese Anemone has a variety that produces lovely white flowers. Try mixing the varieties of each height so that you have flowers blooming year round.

Best Landscaper Nashville

This is one tip that novice gardeners miss. Try to use plants that bloom in early spring such as tulips and other bulbs. Also add some that will flower in mid-July and then add a group that will bloom in late autumn. There are a few flowering plants that will even bloom in winter. Christmas roses or Hellebores can thrive in shade and bloom from November to April. Phlox is another common plant that will give your yard color in winter, along with Iris and Winter Jasmine.

Gardening is one of those hobbies that you either find relaxing and wonderful or frustrating and not worth the time. Some of us would love to be expert gardeners but have a demanding schedule to keep. Whichever category you’re in, you can enjoy the beauty and wonder of having a yard full of beautiful flowering plants year round with none of the work. Just call LN Scheer & Sons Landscaping. We’ve been beautifying lawns all over Nashville for many years.

We can create the color and design that you long for and all you have to do is share your vision with one of our landscaping experts. Then simply sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting. LN Scheer & Sons has been serving the Nashville area with professional landscaping for 3 generations and we do everything from irrigation and outdoor lighting to commercial landscaping and tree service. Call us for a free estimate on your next landscaping project.

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